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Site Assessments

       Get an Educational Solar Site Assessment

~from an unbiased, experienced non-profit with no sales agenda!

Solar Site Assessments are a great way to learn about your house or businesses viability for a solar installation, either solar electric, solar hot water or solar air heat. Our site assessment will let you know which technology, or technologies will be best for your site, energy needs and budget. The assessment includes an in-person site visit and results in a carefully written report.  Click here to sign up!

If you are considering installing a renewable energy system for your home or business, you should have your site evaluated by a professional site assessor before making any commitments.  A renewable energy system can be a significant investment. Don't be pressured into a system by someone who has financial motivation to direct you towards a type fo solar that may not be ideal for you. We provide honest information about the solar resources at your site (including shading problems) and realistic predictions of both annual output and payback period.

During your site assessment you will learn about the solar resource on your property, gain valuable knowledge about solar and energy efficiency without having to endure a sales pitch. It is a very valuable experience and your first step to becoming a solar homeowner!

Your site assessment will consist of:

  1. Solar Pathfinder Reading

  2. Digital Documentation of Site Characteristics

    • Solar Window 
    • Potential obstacles (identifying structures/trees)
    • Structural mounting locations on the exterior 
    • Interior connection points

  3. Client Interview

    • Share results of assessment 
    • Determine client’s goals and motivation for solar system 
    • Find out how they learned about the program 
    • Identify any pertinent remodeling or structural improvement plans (i.e. new roofing) 
    • Answer questions

  4. Education about Effective Energy Usage
    • Water and energy conservation steps  
    • Simple and significant energy performance upgrades to structure
    • Energy Audits and supporting programs 
    • Discuss environmental impacts 
    • Explain financial benefits/programs associated with energy efficiency and renewable energy systems

Once the site assessment is completed, and the site is deemed solar ready, the participant will be given a list of our qualified installers who have agreed to accept this third party site assessment. This program is currently only up and running in the Metro Area and St. Cloud. As we hire more site assessors we will expand our territory. Please email to be contacted when we expand our areas.

See the following Maps for current site assessor territories:

St. Cloud Area

Twin Cities Area

Hibbing Area

East of Twin Cities/Western Wisconsin

More to come! Currently seeking site assessors across the State! Please send an email to if you do not fall into these geographic areas.

If you would like to sign up for a site assessment please go here to pay for your Site Assessment. We will have one of our site assessors contact you right away to schedule your visit.

Site Assessments are $175 for Residental

or $235 for Small Commercial

(Solar PV, Solar Hot Water, Solar Air Heat)

Click here to pay for your Site Assessment


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